Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Chile Wrangle! (AKA Skinning Chiles)

Five Rules To Take the Heat Out of Handling Habaneros and Other Hot Chile, Chili, Chiles, Chilies,

Chiles and Peppers. Sheesh and you though potato and tomatoes where bad!

Even the thought of a habanero strikes fear into the hearts of brave men, near and far. I don’t blame ya.

They. Are. Hot.



Hey, I'm from Texas. I love hot food! But for many years, I agreed with the general consensus. Why on earth use a chile so hot, it ruins your palette for any other flavor?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Basic Revolution Rolls

The Little Roll Who Went to War with Bread
If you don’t learn another thing, learn how to make a good, basic Revolution Roll. Even if you hate the taste of the roll itself, learn the technique. The Revolution Roll technique incorporates classic cooking fundamentals that once mastered, opens door to so many other recipes. What is this revolutionary technique? I see you sitting on the edge of your chair!