Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DFSWs Secret to Crisp Lettuce

I Store Secrets In My Kitchen
A long time ago, I learned the secret to crisp lettuce – getting it crisp, and keeping it crisp, while storing it for a few days in the ice box. And no. Buying the pre-washed, cut-up lettuce in a bag doesn’t count. That isn’t a secret – it’s just plain gross. I hate the taste of that fake kind of lettuce. It has a disturbing metal taste.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Peeling Boiler Onions

The Quickest Method of Peeling Boiler Onions

Boiler onions are great in stews and soups. You usually find them in bags along the end caps in the produce isles at the grocery store, but sometimes you can buy them in bulk like other onions. They're between 1-3" in diameter. I like the smaller ones because they make a good one-bite mouthful.

You can prep boiler onions up to one day ahead. This technique is a great basic and is so quick you’ll thank me for teaching you. You will never hand peel a dozen or so boiler onions the old way - one at a time with a knife and tears. It really is no-more-tears! Oh and this technique also works for peeling pearl and cipollini (those little Italian onions) onions, as well as peeling tomatoes and tomatillos.